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The 1st Ever

2016 Groveland Jr Fire Fighter Challenge/Obstacle Course

The Challenge/Obstacle Course will consist of several stations (such as the ones listed below)

This Challenge/Obstacle Course will be a timed event (for those who would like to enter the challenge) or no time for those just wanting to experience being a Fire Fighter!!

For ages PreK thru 12th Grade.

The Categories for the timed event will be: PreK/Kindergarten, 1st-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade, and 7th-8th Grade, 9th-12th Grade.


This is a video to give you an idea what we are trying to do. Please note our stations and equipment may be a bit different but will be a fun experience!!!


  1. Station 1- Don and Doff PPE (Allows Children to dress like Fire Fighters)

  2. Station 2- Crawl Through Tubes (TEACHES Stay low and go)

    1. We will also add smoke from our smoke machine to tunnels

  3. Station 3- Victim Rescue /cone area (helps the children see how tough it is to drag a victim) (we will create victim out of old hose, foam, or a huge stuffed animal?)

  4. Station 4- Hose Carry (allows children to see that every job is important. )

  5. Station 5- Shooting water at a target.(Let the children have some fun!!!)

    1. We will set up a series of cones for the children to walk thru and then have a point where we get them to kneel and shoot at a target. hose/water will be from tanker 1.